Fun-E-Book Dictionary Quick Self Publishing and Internet Marketing Terms-

  • Title: Fun-E-Book Dictionary Quick Self Publishing and Internet Marketing Terms
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  • Released: 2012-02-08
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  • Pages: 38
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  • ASIN: B00777X36W



“Helpful eBook Tips and Internet and Marketing Terms for the Brave and Challenged"

3rd Edition 3rd Revision.

Includes two bonus chapters.

Here it is folks…It’s what you have been waiting for all your internet life. An informative funny dictionary of terms, tips and phrases to get you pumped and ready, to write an eBook.

Keep it handy. Keep it available as a reference tool on your laptop. You never know when it will serve as a hammer for smashing writer’s block or at the very least put a smile on your face. (Hopefully)?

Learn Publishing Terms

Hi, this idea came about while considering my next book. You can see the other books in the store. Turns out it can be used as a way to brainstorm or freestyle for ideas. (See inside the fun E-books Dictionary for the definition of freestyle and brainstorming.

Learn eBook terms definitions and phrases.

Yes, that’s right eBooks have their own vernacular (big word).

Like most folks, meaning you and me, these terms are very important, when publishing an eBook.

Ordinary dictionaries can be a dry. I did my best to lend some fun and levity while being informative.

Discover the vocabulary of the pros.

After finishing my latest eBook, it gave me a chance to unwind, let loose and get humorous. (I Think) Let me know after you read it.

First it was called the funny e-book dictionary, but I put the word funny down on the screen next to eBook and came up with Fun- E. What a revelation Duh!

Learn about legacy publishing terms.

Here is your opportunity to discover the words, phrases and definitions of the incredible world of e-books.

It now includes a glossary on Legacy Publishing and two Bonus Chapters.

Bonus one is How to price your eBook.
Bonus two, The cost of putting it together.

This dictionary is packed with the necessary information to be fully conversant at your next cocktail party.
You will feel relaxed and confident while discussing the subject with fellow marketers, e-book writers, techies or ordinary people.

Get to know the terms, phrases, and learn some important and valuable money making tips along the way.

Discover the things that can help you make tons of money and save you oodles of time. pdf