European Forests and Global Change: The Likely Impacts of Rising CO2 and Temperature-Paul G. Jarvis

  • Title: European Forests and Global Change: The Likely Impacts of Rising CO2 and Temperature
  • Author: Paul G. Jarvis
  • Released: 2009-10-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 398
  • ISBN: 0521121019
  • ISBN13: 978-0521121019
  • ASIN: 0521121019


Review "The volume adds to an increasing body of results from similar studies, but is unique in its successful compilation of a large amount of new information...Researchers involved in assessing potential effects of climate change on trees and forests should find this volume a source laden with recent results, synthesized and arranged with reason." The Quarterly Review of Biology

"[T]his book is an outstanding achievement for making quickly available to a large scientific audience the results and interpretations of a number of related studies on the effects of CO2 and tree growth...the insights offered by the ECOCRAFT experiments and presented in this book offer a sound scientific base from which to proceed." Ecoscience

Book Description Studies of global climate change predict that increases in atmospheric CO2 concentration and temperature are expected to occur over the next century. To help gain an insight into the potential effect of these changes on forests this book describes how major European tree species respond to experimentally manipulated environmental conditions. The effects on photosynthesis, respiration and development are described and the results used to generate models of the likely response of European forests to the predicted changes in climate. pdf