Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation-

  • Title: Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation
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  • Released: 1997-08-15
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  • Pages: 856
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  • ASIN: B003VM7GGK


Optimizing compilers, which turn human-readable programming languages into the smallest, most efficient machine code possible, are among the most complex pieces of software ever written. Building a compiler is both science and black art and demands an intimate knowledge of data structures, algorithms, high-level programming languages, and processor architectures and their instruction sets. Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation presents a comprehensive and technically up-to-date look at design of real-world compilers for CISC- and RISC-based uni-processor architectures. The author led the advanced compiler design and implementation teams for both Hewlett-Packard's PA-RISC and Sun Microsystems's SPARC processors.

From the Back Cover

From the Foreword by Susan L. Graham:
This book takes on the challenges of contemporary languages and
architectures, and prepares the reader for the new compiling problems that
will inevitably arise in the future.

The definitive book on advanced compiler design
This comprehensive, up-to-date work examines advanced issues in the design
and implementation of compilers for modern processors. Written for
professionals and graduate students, the book guides readers in designing
and implementing efficient structures for highly optimizing compilers for
real-world languages. Covering advanced issues in fundamental areas of
compiler design, this book discusses a wide array of possible code
optimizations, determining the relative importance of optimizations, and
selecting the most effective methods of implementation.

  • Lays the foundation for understanding the major issues of advanced
    compiler design

  • Treats optimization in-depth

  • Uses four case studies of commercial compiling suites to illustrate
    different approaches to compiler structure, intermediate-code design, and
    optimization-these include Sun Microsystems's compiler for SPARC, IBM's for
    POWER and PowerPC, DEC's for Alpha, and Intel's for Pentium an related

  • Presents numerous clearly defined algorithms based on actual cases

  • Introduces Informal Compiler Algorithm Notation (ICAN), a language devised
    by the author to communicate algorithms effectively to people