Garden Of Dreams (Zebra Regency Romance)-

  • Title: Garden Of Dreams (Zebra Regency Romance)
  • Author:
  • Released: 2005-05-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 256
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From Lucy Stiles was shocked at the change in Aldershaw. Three years ago the Sandifort home in Hampshire had been a beautifully maintained estate. Now gardens and orchard are overgrown and neglected, and even the Sandiforts themselves appear a bit worse for wear since most family members, with the exception of the coldly beautiful widow, Lady Sandifort, are depressed or angry. Despite the fact that Robert Sandifort does not want her "meddling" in family affairs, Lucy can't resist the challenge. Soon her efforts to restore the gardens to their former glory, and to help sort out the problems besetting the Sandiforts, take root. What Lucy can't fix are her feelings for Robert, which range from wanting to smack him or hoping to kiss him. A kind and caring heroine who believes in speaking her mind brings new hope to a family and estate in need of repair in King's latest expertly crafted traditional Regency, which features the author's usual elegant prose and fine wit. John Charles
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