Greek Mythology: An Introduction-Fritz Graf

  • Title: Greek Mythology: An Introduction
  • Author: Fritz Graf
  • Released: 1996-05-09
  • Language:
  • Pages: 264
  • ISBN: 0801853958
  • ISBN13: 978-0801853951
  • ASIN: 0801853958



Graf's Greek Mythology immediately established itself, when it was first published in German in 1985, as the best introduction then available. Historical in three senses—a brief history of theories of myth, a view of the historically changing roles of myth, a sense of the processes of inventing, forgetting, and renewing myth—the book's strength lies in its combining an understanding of myth as essentially narrative, with an appreciation of the issue of authorship... This is a new edition, with footnotes, numerous minor alterations to the text, and a thoroughly updated bibliography.

(Times Literary Supplement)

The best general introduction to Greek mythology in English.

(Lowell Edmunds Bryn Mawr Classical Review)

Full of compelling insights... A superior work on Greek mythology done by a first-rate scholar.

(Paul Properzio New England Classical Newsletter and Journal)

About the Author

Fritz Graf is professor of philology in the Seminar for Classical Philology at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Thomas Marier is in the Department of Classics at the Johns Hopkins University.