The Mad Scientists' Club (Mad Scientist Club)-Bertrand R. Brinley, Charles Geer

  • Title: The Mad Scientists' Club (Mad Scientist Club)
  • Author: Bertrand R. Brinley, Charles Geer
  • Released: 2011-12-31
  • Language:
  • Pages: 217
  • ISBN: 1930900538
  • ISBN13: 978-1930900530
  • ASIN: 1930900538


Review ...filled with spirit of adventure and good-natured fun... In fact, Henry Mulligan, chief Mad Scientist, reminds me of me! --Homer Hickam, Author of Rocket Boys

For better or worse (better, I think) the Mad Scientists' Club was a major influence in my youth. --Glenn H. Reynolds --, October 11, 2004

Fun and gentle, the books paint a picture of a more innocent boyhood where scientific know-how could save the day. --USA TODAY, December 3, 2002

About the Author After attending Stanford University, where he majored in Economics and Speech, BERTRAND R. BRINLEY was a methods and procedures analyst for Lockheed Aircraft's engineering department. He entered the Army in 1944 and served fifteen years in a variety of infantry and public relations assignments, including position of aide-de-camp to the chief of the United Nations delegation during the Korean armistice negotiations. He retired from active duty in order to devote himself to writing, and held a commission as major in the United States Army Reserve. He later worked in technical writing and public relations positions for the Martin Company. The author of Rocket Manual for Amateurs, Bertrand Brinley lectured extensively to schools and civics groups on space age topics. His articles and stories appeared in Harper's Magazine, Boys' Life, Family Weekly, Woman's Day, The Microwave Journal, Electronics Illustrated and The Book of Knowledge. Bertrand Brinley is well-known for his beloved tales of the Mad Scientists' Club, whose further antics can be found in The New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club, The Big Kerplop! and The Big Chunk of Ice. pdf