The Process of Unifying a Planet (I am Legend)-

  • Title: The Process of Unifying a Planet (I am Legend)
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  • Released: 2010-10-18
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  • Pages: 211
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  • ASIN: B0047T7OB8


The I am Legend is a three volume series. It will report to be a source of the mythologies, the creation of a deity and the uniting of a planet. The source syndrome is theorized to be a space traveling technology. The unfortunate part is the technology is a product to a parity from a prosecution of reasoning. The syndrome in an accuracy is reported by me to require a statement of misconduct, genocides and loses of life. The 'I am Legend' title sources to an eternal spirit; whose entity acquires a capability of speech, and appears to be known. The contrarian attempt to refuse these truths is discussed. The review of the Bible itself could to be better studied in some myth of the Bible series; although the angel Christ is said to ride a white stallion and to crush the minds of opposition. The finding or demonstration of any resource is suggested to require parity to a degradation of reasoning. The product is described to be the entities and series of stories to be called the myths. I will provide one note of an image to the 'I am Legend' theme. It is a movie by a similar title. Christ provides a cure for cancer; whose refusal generates a zombie syndrome. I recommend a reading and comprehension of the entire syndrome. pdf