Significant Changes to the 2006 International Fire Code (Significant Changes to the International Fire Code)-Jeffrey M. Shapiro

  • Title: Significant Changes to the 2006 International Fire Code (Significant Changes to the International Fire Code)
  • Author: Jeffrey M. Shapiro
  • Released: 2007-04-25
  • Language:
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 1418053015
  • ISBN13: 978-1418053017
  • ASIN: 1418053015


Review 102.3-.5 Change of Use or Occupancy 106.4 Missed Violations 202 Definitions 308.3.8 Dormitory Ignition Sources 309.5 Fueling of Forklifts, Etc. 311.5 Placards for Unsafe Buildings 313.1 Fueled Equipment 404.2 Fire Safety/Evacuation Plans and Drills Table 405.2 High-Rise Fire Evacuation Drills 605.10 Portable Electric Space Heaters 606.8 Refrigerant Detectors 606.9.1 Refrigeration System Cut-Off Switches 608 Special Battery Provisions Chapter 8 Interior Finishes and Decorations 901.4 Recall of Fire Protection Components 901.6.2 System Inspection Records 903.2.1.2 Sprinklers in Group A-2 Occupancies 903. Sprinklers at Balconies and Decks 904.11.5.1 Class K Fire Extinguishers 905.3.7 Marina and Boatyard Standpipes 906.2 Electronic Monitoring of Fire Extinguishers 907.2.6 Alarms in Group I Occupancies 907.2.9 Manual Fire Alarm Boxes in R-2 Occupancies 910.1 Smoke and Heat Vents Table 910.3 Smoke Venting and Draft Curtains 914 Fire Protection Based on Special Detailed Requirements Chapter 10 Day Care Occupant Load/Egress Provisions 1004.2 Maximum Occupant Load 1008.1.9 Panic Hardware 1013.2 Egress Through Adjoining Rooms 1027.2 Exits for Unoccupied Areas 1027.6 Obstruction of Exit Signs Chapter 15 Flammable Finishes 1508.1 Spray-applied Bed Liners Table 1805.2.2 HPM Quantities 2205.6 Warning Signs for Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Table 2206.2.3 Separation for Vaults 2209.3.2, 2211 Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling 2308.2.1 Plastic Pallets and Shelves Chapter 27 Combustible Fibers Table 2703.1.1(1) MAQ Exception for Fuel Table 2703.8.3.2 Number of Group M and S Retail Display Control Areas 2703.2.9 Testing of Hazardous Materials Safety Systems 2703.8.3.3 Control Area Fire-Resistance Ratings 3003.3 Pressure Relief for Compressed Gas Containers 3003.14 Gas Vaults Chapter 33 Explosives 3308.2 Fireworks Display Plan 3308.9 Post Fireworks Display Inspection 3404. Overfill Prevention 3404.3.1 Design, Construction and Capacity of Containers 3404.3.1 Bag-in-Box/Bag-in-Tote Packages 3404.3.2.3 Number of Storage Cabinets 3404.3.5.1 Basement Storage of Class I Liquids 3402.1 Liquid Storage Warehouses Chapters 34 and 27 Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Table 3404.3.6.3(2) Special Storage Allowance for Resins 3405.3.8.4 Weather Protection for Outdoor Use 3504.2.1 Separation Distances for Outdoor Flammable Gas Storage/Use 3704.2.2.7 Treatment System Exception 3806.2 Overfill Prevention for LPG Containers 3809.12 Outdoor LPG Storage Location for Resale Purposes Appendix D107.1 Residential Sprinkler Equivalency

About the Author Jeffrey M. Shapiro, P.E., FSFPE is President of International Code Consultants, a consulting fire- and life-safety engineering firm based in Austin, Texas, and is recognized as one of the nation¿s leading fire code experts. Mr. Shapiro holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland, and he is a Registered Professional Engineer. Mr. Shapiro is a fellow and past chapter president of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, and he is a member of the International Code Council, the National Fire Protection Association, Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honor Society and Salamander Fire Protection Engineering Honor Society. In addition to these distinguished credentials, past accomplishments also include: Chief executive of the International Fire Code Institute (IFCI); Creator and executive editor of the IFCI Fire Code Journal magazine; Coordinator of the Uniform Fire Code for the International Conference of Building Officials and the Western Fire Chiefs Association; Manager of Fire- and Life-safety for Embassy Construction for the United States Department of State; Major Fires Investigator for the United States Fire Administration; Assistant to the Fire Marshal for the City of Fort Worth, Texas Fire Department. Mr. Shapiro is also a recognized author and has published articles in nationally prominent magazines including Building Standards, Fire Code Journal, American Fire Journal, Fire Engineering and Fire Command. He is also a contributing author for the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook, and has also served as an editor and contributing editor to books such as the Hazardous Materials Classification Guide and the NFPA Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook pdf