Lieberman's Law (Henry Holt Mystery Series)-Stuart M. Kaminsky

  • Title: Lieberman's Law (Henry Holt Mystery Series)
  • Author: Stuart M. Kaminsky
  • Released: 1996-04-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 309
  • ISBN: 0805037497
  • ISBN13: 978-0805037494
  • ASIN: 0805037497


From Publishers Weekly A thick layer of tension and a seething urban hostility mix with the droll verbal shenanigans that distinguish this series (Lieberman's Day, etc.). The old Jewish men in the deli find it hard to crack wise when a synagogue is defaced and the priceless Torah is stolen. Aging Chicago cop Abe Lieberman takes the vandalism as a personal affront: it's his shul, and his wife, Bess, is its president. Meanwhile, he's also dealing with a Korean gang and some black kids who want him to stop sitting in their park after dark. He's fighting the effects of runaway cholesterol; his grandkids are living in his house; his prodigal daughter is coming home with her new black husband; and Hanrahan, his partner, is fixing to wed a Chinese woman. Helped by the favor mill of the streets, Abe hits the trail of a perverse alliance of white skinheads and Arab militants acting out, respectively, blind idiot racism and a 20-year-old vendetta. Multi-ethnic Chicago could hardly ask for a better ventriloquist than Kaminsky. The city comes warmly alive when hardened gang members wax sentimental over the Cubs and in the erudite speech of Abe, which contrasts markedly with the sudden, savage force he can apply to a kneecap when necessary. This is more cop drama than mystery. But such categories don't matter. This is a taut suspenseful tale, animated by a sometimes dark but decidedly moral vision.
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From Like Ed McBain, Stuart Kaminsky is so prolific that it's possible to lose sight of just how good he is. Readers who pick up this one, the fifth in the Abe Lieberman series, won't make that mistake again. Sixtyish Chicago PD detective Abe really has his hands full in the roiling ethnic stir-fry of Chicago's North Side, and the trouble is hitting very close to home. His temple has been vandalized and its torah stolen; the vandals, possibly Arabs or skinheads, seem to be planning something even worse. A Korean gang has threatened Abe's wife and grandchildren. His daughter may be getting ready to marry a black Gentile--and his taste in food is at odds with his cholesterol level. Abe is a character who will endure in readers' imaginations. He's smart, tough, empathetic, and just a tad crazy when circumstances require. His North Side will ring true to anyone who knows the Rogers Park or Uptown sections of Chicago, and the many subplots create a narrative pace like a car chase. This is a wonderfully rich cop novel. Thomas Gaughan pdf