Mastering Market Timing: Using the Works of L.M. Lowry and R.D. Wyckoff to Identify Key Market Turning Points-Richard A. Dickson, Tracy L. Knudsen

  • Title: Mastering Market Timing: Using the Works of L.M. Lowry and R.D. Wyckoff to Identify Key Market Turning Points
  • Author: Richard A. Dickson, Tracy L. Knudsen
  • Released: 2011-07-15
  • Language:
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 0137079303
  • ISBN13: 978-0137079308
  • ASIN: 0137079303


From the Back Cover

“Dickson and Knudsen have given us a straightforward manual on the proven techniques of two giants in the field of Technical Analysis: L.M. Lowry and R.D. Wyckoff. This is a clear exposition about how to identify the major trends and how to profit by them. They take the ‘fear and greed’ away and leave objective rules. For example, Dickson and Knudsen explain ‘90% up days’ and ‘90% down days,’ an indicator long attributed to the Lowry service. The notion of ‘operating company breadth’ and the percentage of stocks above their 30-week moving averages, frequently mentioned in the Lowry service, are fleshed out. Tops and bottoms are processes; the book explains the evolution of tops and bottoms, using the major swings in the first decade of the 21st Century for examples. The Wyckoff notion of ‘cause and effect’ is detailed using Point & Figure charts. I recommend Mastering Market Timing for professionals trying to outperform their benchmarks and individuals trying to boost the returns in their IRAs and 401k’s.”

--Philip J. Roth, CMT, Chief Technical Market Analyst, Miller Tabak + Co.; three-time past President of the Market Technicians Association


Mastering Market Timing deals the ‘market timing doesn’t work!’ myth a mortal blow as Dickson and Knudsen combine--for the first time--the decades-old and oft-validated methodologies of market legends L.M. Lowry and Richard D. Wyckoff to explain how major stock market tops and bottoms are formed. Serious investors are taught how to recognize major tops and bottoms in the stock market as they unfold and thereby significantly improve their long-term returns. Mastering Market Timing is destined to become an invaluable reference to help investors identify future major tops and bottoms.”

--Walter Deemer, “Walter Deemer’s Market Strategies and Insights” and President, DTR Inc.


Drawing on more than 50 years of experience as technical analysts, Richard A. Dickson and Tracy L. Knudsen help you uncover insights and identify emerging trend shifts that other technical methodologies simply can’t reveal. They explain each concept clearly and simply, with realistic examples--making this book valuable to a wide range of investors, including those without strong technical analysis experience or mathematical training.


Wyckoff + Lowry: deeper insights, higher profits

Combine two of the world’s best technical analysis methodologies