The Book of Sudoku: The Hot New Puzzle Craze-Michael Mepham

  • Title: The Book of Sudoku: The Hot New Puzzle Craze
  • Author: Michael Mepham
  • Released: 2005-07-15
  • Language:
  • Pages: 146
  • ISBN: 1585677612
  • ISBN13: 978-1585677610
  • ASIN: 1585677612


From the Publisher Sudoku is a phenomenon all over the world. The addictive logic game, originated in the UK and popularized in Japan, has spread across the globe. The puzzles are now syndicated daily in newspapers in Australia, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, and Spain, and the mania for Sudoku has just reached American shores.

The rules of the puzzle, as with all great puzzles, are deceptively simple and easy to understand. It's a puzzle of reasoning and logic--no math is involved--which is not to say that Sudoku won't stretch your brain a bit. Depending on one's skill and experience, a Sudoku puzzle can be solved in anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour. Compiler Michael Mepham provides not only the game's background, but also an easy tutorial that will turn the novice into a Sudoku expert within minutes.

The book of Sudoku is the one puzzle book you won't be able to put down--it's fun, challenging, and absolutely addictive!

About the Author Michael Mepham is a veteran puzzle complier perhaps best known as the man behind the Daily Telegraph Weekend Giant general crossword puzzle. He lives in London.