You Can Make Your Own Pasta (A beginner's guide to making fresh pasta)-

  • Title: You Can Make Your Own Pasta (A beginner's guide to making fresh pasta)
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 12
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Delicious, simple, and fun.

Ever wanted to try your hand at making some fresh pasta at home? This book, now available in seconds on your ebook reader, takes you through the simple steps required to become confident making pasta from scratch. Also included are variations to help the creative juices flow once you have mastered the basic recipe, some ideas on ways to cut pasta, and four simple and delicious sauces to accompany your fresh pasta.
Let Johanna take you through the steps like an old friend: she speaks with an easy to read, conversational tone that relaxes readers and lets them unlock their hidden cooking potential.

Go on, rise to the challenge and be rewarded with a tasty meal and a new skill!

"I didn't realise that making pasta was something I could do with ingredients in the fridge. I'm not the best cook so it was nice to be able to follow the instructions easily and my boyfriend said the pasta was the best he's ever tried - better than restaurants!" - Lauren, Australia

"I made the pasta recipe with one of the suggested sauces (the goats cheese one) for a second date. I think the girl was pretty impressed and it didn't even take me very long. I'll be bringing out my pasta again in the future I think." - Matt, Australia