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Journalism Usage

AIDS - News: February 22, 2007 — Headline: Study: Treating Genital Herpes May Slow AIDS Progression. Author: Jessica Berman. Excerpt: Lawrence Corey is a leading AIDS researcher at the University of Washington Virology Division in Seattle.

Amy Katz - News: February 3, 2006 — Headline: Scientists May Have Vaccine for Deadly Lassa Fever. Excerpt: Dr. Jean Patterson is the Chair of the Department of Virology and Immunology here at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research.

China - News: November 16, 2005 — Headline: China, Other Nations Vaccinate Poultry Against Flu, but UN Sees Problems. Excerpt: But a study in the Journal of Virology last year pointed out long-term problems with bird vaccines. Mexican farmers have been inoculating their poultry since the late 1990s to control an avian flu strain much less virulent than H5N1. With such consistent use of the same vaccine, the virus has mutated over time so that it matches the vaccine strain less and less. Vaccinated birds who become infected still avoid disease, but they shed more and more virus into the environment.

Kenya - News: May 14, 2004 — Headline: $15 Billion Bush AIDS Plan Gets Under Way. Author: Cathy Majtenyi. Excerpt: Lack of money is a big concern for a consortium headed by Catholic Relief Services, which is funding Saint Vincent's clinic's ARV program. The group includes the University of Maryland Institute of Human Virology and the Catholic Medical Mission Board.

Los Angeles - News: December 22, 2005 — Headline: HIV Immune Response Differs Even in Twins. Excerpt: The finding - reported in the Journal of Virology - shows that the interaction between the body's immune system and the virus is random and unpredictable, which means that a 'one size fits all' vaccine may not be possible.

Mr. Brenchley - News: February 7, 2005 — Headline: HIV Vaccine Research. Excerpt: The inability to develop a vaccine with any measurable efficacy has some researchers looking in other directions. At Britain's National Institute for Medical Research, virology director Jonathan Stoye thinks it may be possible to combat HIV through gene therapy.

New York - News: September 26, 2002 — Headline: Scientists Obtain New Information in the Study of AIDS. Excerpt: A co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore, takes exception to the idea that a single CAF factor exists.

Russia - News: March 10, 2006 — Headline: Russia Struggles to Battle Bird Flu. Author: Lisa McAdams. Excerpt: But the director of Russia's Virology Research Institute, Dmitry Lvov, is not satisfied with the government response. Lvov told reporters, the country has not taken sufficient steps.

SARS - News: November 2, 2003 — Headline: Several Wild Animals Implicated as Possible SARS Carriers. Excerpt: Investigators at the Institute of Virology at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands have found that the corona virus, a version of the common cold virus, is easily transmitted to domestic cats and ferrets, and from them to other uninfected animals.

South Asia - News: March 15, 2005 — Headline: A Deadly Strain of Influenza Becomes a Terrorist Weapon in Daniel Kalla's 'Pandemic'. Excerpt: Daniel Kalla says he turned to his colleagues in fields like virology and microbiology to provide the scientific detail in his book. "I think I've painted a fairly accurate picture of an influenza and an outbreak and a quarantine and a medical response plan," he says.
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