The Book of Women's Sermons: Hearing God in Each Other's Voices-Lee Hancock

  • Title: The Book of Women's Sermons: Hearing God in Each Other's Voices
  • Author: Lee Hancock
  • Released: 1999-06-07
  • Language:
  • Pages: 276
  • ISBN: 1573220590
  • ISBN13: 978-1573220590
  • ASIN: 1573220590


By definition, the American sermon delivers spoken words of inspiration, comfort, and enlightenment. Here we have a collection of sermons from famous women writers ( and ) as well as religious leaders speaking from the uniquely feminine vision of the divine. Because women were traditionally relegated to the back row, the sidelines, or even the kitchens of their temples, churches, and religious classrooms, the sermons in this book often speak to those who feel powerless. Calls for feminine solidarity abound, but so do compassionate references to race, homosexuality, poverty, abuse, and violence. While God is a central theme, these women find evidence of their creator in making the bed, baking bread, surviving child abuse, and the births of their children. Read these beautiful words as if they were being spoken aloud, and without a doubt they will reach the contours of your heart and the core of your beliefs. --Gail Hudson

From Library Journal This collection of 35 sermons speaks to the increasing presence of women in positions of religious leadership and the continuing controversies and challenges they face. Contributors include ordained clergy and elders, professors, community activists, and professional writers. Episcopalians have the largest representation, but the collection is well balanced, with voices from traditionally black denominations as well as the Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Moravian, Unitarian Universalist, Unity Fellowship, Roman Catholic, and both Reform and Conservative Jewish traditions. The book's strength is in the variety and quality of writing, which is uniformly thought-provoking. Latino and African American voices add richness, as does the inclusion of nonordained women. The weakness is the book's organization, which is alphabetical by name; there is no clear way to identify shared themes or texts, and only two of the sermons are dated. Recommended for public and academic libraries.AJan Blodgett, Davidson Coll., NC
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