Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats-Joseph Weiss

  • Title: Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats
  • Author: Joseph Weiss
  • Released: 2010-05-15
  • Language:
  • Pages: 310
  • ISBN: 1606501976
  • ISBN13: 978-1606501979
  • ASIN: 1606501976


Review For many years, Joe Weiss has been sounding the alarm regarding the potential adverse impact of the law of unintended consequences on the evolving convergence between industrial control systems technology and information technology. In this informative book, he makes a strong case regarding the need for situational awareness, analytical thinking, dedicated personnel resources with appropriate training, and technical excellence when attempting to protect industrial process controls and SCADA systems from potential malicious or inadvertent cyber incidents. --Dave Rahn, Registered Professional Engineer, with 35 years experience.

"I look forward to reading Joe s book based on my professional association with him over the last twenty years. His passion, technical excellence and expertise drives him to follow through with questions others often fail to comprehend or are afraid to ask - What is the root cause? - What are the generic implications? I expect no less from this book. It should help to extend the knowledge and ability of control system and IT practitioners working in this important area. Perhaps more importantly, it should help policy makers and leaders interested in making informed decisions decisions that should lead to improved cyber security in industrial automation and control systems." --Robert C. Webb, PE, Industrial Control Systems Secure, LLC.

"Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats offers a unique and fresh perspective into control systems security. Weiss thoroughly outlines important distinctions between traditional IT and control systems risks. He makes a compelling case for advancing higher education in this field and the need for new certification programs. If you deem critical infrastructure important, you should read this book." --Jon Stanford, CGEIT, CISM, CISSP, industry security expert and CISO.

About the Author Joe Weiss is a Managing Partner for Applied Control Solutions, LLC. Joe has won numerous awards. He is an ISA Fellow, and has won ISA Power Industry Division Best Paper Award 2006; ISA Excellence in Documentation Award 2004; EPRI Presidents Award, 2002; and EPRI Chauncey Award Winner, 1999. pdf