Love Saves the Day: A Novel-Gwen Cooper

  • Title: Love Saves the Day: A Novel
  • Author: Gwen Cooper
  • Released: 2013-10-22
  • Language:
  • Pages: 336
  • ISBN: 0345526953
  • ISBN13: 978-0345526953
  • ASIN: 0345526953


From When Sarah, her human roommate, doesn’t return to their apartment after a few days, Prudence, a former city street kitten who has grown used to an indoor life of relative luxury, worries. But when Sarah’s semi-estranged daughter, Laura, and her husband, Josh, arrive, armed with storage boxes, trash bags, and the always-ominous cat carrier, Prudence really starts to panic. The concept of human death is one Prudence is unfamiliar with, so she keeps her sense memories of Sarah alive in hopes one day she’ll return, all the while learning to cope with two strangers whose newlywed status provides perplexing new human behaviors to figure out. Sarah’s death is equally problematic for Laura, who still harbors resentment and shame from her precarious childhood in the slums of New York’s Lower East Side. In this poignant tale of loss and regret, Cooper, the best-selling author of Homer’s Odyssey (2009), once again demonstrates her compassionate fluency in felinespeak and proves equally adept at conveying complex human emotions with flair and sensitivity. --Carol Haggas --This text refers to the edition.

Review “Prudence [is a] sassy but sensitive feline heroine.”—Time
“Unforgettably moving . . . a hard one to put down.”—Modern Cat
“If you are the Most Important Person to a cat, you will hold them much tighter by the book’s end. If you don’t have a cat, Prudence will have surreptitiously lured you into the danger zone: Falling in love with a cat because they need family, too.”—The Vancouver Sun
“Cooper brings readers a fictional tale that cat lovers will treasure. . . . This book will make most readers laugh and cry, and probably lead them to wonder more often what, exactly, their pet is thinking.”—Fredericksburg Free Lance–Star
“The interspersed viewpoints . . . enrich Cooper’s sensitively told novel that unravels a story (based on actual events) about a century-old tenement building—and the inhabitants therein. That story ultimately serves as the basis to understanding the emotional subtexts of these authentic, well-drawn characters.”—Shelf Awareness
Love Saves the Day is a charming story of love lost and found, both in human hearts and that of one very special cat. Prudence’s voice is as simple and honest as that of the child who sees things adults miss. At its heart, this book is an exploration of unconditional love between mother and daughter, as seen through the eyes of a creature who lives for just this. In that sense, Love Saves the Day eloquently explains why so many of us would do anything at all for our pets.”—Barbara Delinsky, New York Times bestselling author of Escape
“Finally, publishers are realizing cats can write. You go, Prudence!”—New York Times bestselling author Sneaky Pie Brown (via her spokeshuman, Rita Mae Brown)
“Once again Gwen Cooper shines her light on the territory that defines the human/animal bond. In Love Saves the Day, she creates an emotional landscape so beautifully complete that we can’t help but share in the heartbreaks and triumphs of her characters, regardless of their species. That, in itself, is a reason to stand up and cheer.”—Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell and author of Cat Daddy
“If you love cats, music, or New York City, you’ll love Gwen Cooper’s Love Saves the Day.”—Nancy Thayer, author of Island Girls
“Prudence’s voice is so hauntingly fragile and raw that it will break your heart a million ways while simultaneously piecing you back together. Love Saves the Day is a beautifully told story of loss and love and recovery, and of how the animals in our lives connect us to our own humanity.”—Amanda Kyle Williams, author of Stranger in the Room
“Cooper’s beautiful words tell a moving story of the sometimes fragile relationship between mothers and daughters as well as speaking on the special love that forms between a pet and its owner.”—RT Book Reviews
“[Cooper] once again demonstrates her compassionate fluency in felinespeak and proves equally adept at conveying complex human emotions with flair and sensitivity.”—Booklist
“Hauntingly beautiful, heart touching, and at times painfully raw, this is a story about grief, hope and healing. It’s a story about the importance of memories, and of preserving a part of one’s past. It is the story of a mother-daughter relationship that shows that deep rifts can be mended even after death. But ultimately, this is a book about love, and how one small cat, through her mere presence, can change multiple lives. This book will stay with you long after you turn the final page. And it already makes me look forward to Gwen Cooper’s next book.”—The Conscious Cat
Love Saves the Day has taken Gwen Cooper to a whole new pinnacle as an author. The writing is superb. The story line is riveting. . . . There’s no doubt Love Saves the Day is a winner. It’s a book that everyone, whether you’re a cat lover or not, should read.”—BJ Bangs
Love Saves the Day is sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes devastatingly tragic, and it holds your attention all the way through to its happy ending. For both cats and humans, it is one of this year’s must-reads.”—Sparkle the Designer Cat

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