Essie's Kids and the Rolling Calf Island Style Story-

  • Title: Essie's Kids and the Rolling Calf Island Style Story
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 40
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A “rolling calf” is a ghost that often appears in the form of an animal. Most people who had close encounters reported that they first heard or detected the rolling calves by their loud chiming and rather unnerving clanking noise. This familiar sound was made by the long chain that they dragged along behind them. They have large red eyes like a dragon’s. Some even said that they could breathe fire through their mouths. Some said that the rolling calves were the spirits of evil butchers who had been cruel and mean when they were alive. The best way, they said, to get away from these monstrous beast was to drop various things on the ground.

This storybook was written in an exciting island-style manner. It is about Essie's kids on the island of Jamaica and their unusual encounter with a rolling calf. This is the first of a five part series. The story is continuous. The whole series should be read in order to truly see and understand the full picture that the authors are trying to illustrate.

There is a drawing/note pad at the end of each book that allows the reader to draw or demonstrate their own personal illustration of the story after completing the book.

Finally, these books also end uniquely always with a strong moral story. pdf