The Democratic Corporation: A Radical Prescription for Recreating Corporate America and Rediscovering Success-Russell L. Ackoff

  • Title: The Democratic Corporation: A Radical Prescription for Recreating Corporate America and Rediscovering Success
  • Author: Russell L. Ackoff
  • Released: 1994-06-30
  • Language:
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 0195087275
  • ISBN13: 978-0195087277
  • ASIN: 0195087275


From Publishers Weekly This sophisticated study describes how the modern firm interacts with society. Ackoff, chair of the Institute for Interactive Management and professor emeritus of the Wharton School, traces the evolving conception of organizations since the Renaissance, first as machines then as organisms and today as social systems; he argues for fundamental changes in the way work is designed and organized and in the way companies are managed. He espouses the stakeholder theory of the firm, in which employees, suppliers, customers, investors, creditors, debtors and government all play a role in helping a company to grow and develop. Ackoff maintains that corporations can be transformed to improve employees' quality of life. An epilogue critiques business schools as "bastions of dynamic conservatism" and suggests ways they can better train leaders for the competitive global business environment. Illustrations.
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Review "With corporations ever-larger, this book places modern systems and structures within the reach of any manager by offering a compelling design for 21st Century organizations. TRANSFORMING."--Business Reader Review

"Russell Ackoff's The Democratic Corporation offers rare insights into how the modern corporation works--and how it can work better. American businesses are searching for ways to become more competitive, and Mr. Ackoff's formula for dispensing with rigid, tradition-bound hierarchies is an excellent place to start. I recommend this book to anyone with the desire to 'shake up' the organization, improve worker satisfaction and improve the bottom line--in other words, everyone in business should read this book."--Norman R. Augustine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Marietta Corporation

"What with all the hullabaloo about TQM, Empowerment, rightsizing, reeingineering and all the other management buzz words, Ackoff has set us all right. This book provides the most unique, relevant, original and radical look at where our human institutions are going and what will happen to them unless they change their ways. Required reading for all of us confused souls."--Warren Bennis, author of An Invented Life: Reflections on Leadership and Change, and University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California

"Russ Ackoff is the foremost thinker on how to accomplish system change. The Democratic Corporation presents the concepts and techniques essential to transform complex organizations so that they both satisfy customers and improve the quality of working life. This book is an essential guide for corporate leaders. It can significantly raise the level of management thinking."--Michael Maccoby, author of Why Work and Principal consultant to ATandT's Workplace of the Future

"One of the world's most innovative and insightful organizational thinkers, Russell Ackoff provides us with the template for the twenty-first century corporation. The Democratic Corporation cuts through all the rhetoric and hype about emerging organizational forms and provides a very hard-nosed, systematic way to guide us into the future, including how to develop the next generation of business leaders. This is a must read for business leaders and for academics."--Noel M. Tichy, Director, Global Leadership Program, The University of Michigan pdf