Purna Vidya: Guidelines for Teaching Vedic Knowledge (Volume 11)-Swamini Pramananda, Sri Dhira Chaitanya

  • Title: Purna Vidya: Guidelines for Teaching Vedic Knowledge (Volume 11)
  • Author: Swamini Pramananda, Sri Dhira Chaitanya
  • Released: 2012-06-28
  • Language:
  • Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 1478103299
  • ISBN13: 978-1478103295
  • ASIN: 1478103299


About the Author Swamini Pramananda is a teacher of Vedanta and Sanskrit. She is an ordained Hindu monk. Additionally, she completed her graduate studies in biological science in the US. She has been involved in initiating and running empowerment programs for tribals in India. She travels, conducts seminars, spiritual retreats and shares her knowledge across the world. She has been a speaker at various international forums of spiritual leaders as a representative of Hindu tradition. Sri Dhira Chaitanya, aka Dr. Sundar Ramaswamy is a child psychiatrist by profession. He is an ordained teacher of Vedanta and also teaches Sanskrit language. His unique background as a professional and teacher of religious studies provides him with unique insights into both psychological issues and spiritual pursuit. He can address audiences of all ages and spends his time in travels, conducting seminars, religious retreats, and lectures all over the world. Swamini Pramananda and Sri Dhira Chaitanya have authored Purna Vidya, a twelve year program designed to provide teaching material and tools to adults for teach children and teens Vedic Heritage and Culture. Constituted of twelve parts, it covers religious and cultural topics, Vedic literature, fine art, religious disciplines, and psychological insights for teenagers. It is used as a school curriculum and in community classes for children in several countries and has been translated in Hindi, Tamil and Gujarati languages. pdf