GLIMPSES OF GLORY: A Forgotten Pitcher's Journey-

  • Title: GLIMPSES OF GLORY: A Forgotten Pitcher's Journey
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  • Released: 2012-09-17
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  • Pages: 155
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  • ASIN: B00980I3CU


Ron Gawthorp is a semi-retired author who now lives
in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia. A veteran writer of
some renown in community newspapers early in his life, he
has returned to writing after working in the oilfi elds. His
fi rst novel, Richer Than The Rockefellers, refl ected life in the
oilfi elds of Illinois, his native state. Glimpses of Glory is
his fi rst published non-fi ction work. In it he has tediously
reconstructed the forgotten career of a professional baseballer
from the roaring twenties through the depression.
“Baseball was a lot different when it started than it
is today. These men were the pioneers of the sport. I think
it important to remember how they lived,” the author says.
“They worked hard, played hard and gave the game the grit
it needed to survive. I especially hope young readers will take
note of the way grew.”
Gawthorp says that over the years he has stumbled
into a lot of stories he was unable to publish. “Some are book
worthy and some are still only short stories, fi ction and nonfi
ction, but I am still looking to put them on the public plate.
I am being much assisted by technological advances in the
publishing fi eld. The Good Lord willing and the electric stays
on the grid, I’ve got enough to keep me busy.”
The author is an avid history buff and loves visiting
historic locations, research and learning. He lived 22 years
in West Virginia before retiring “just over the mountain” to
Millboro, VA. pdf