Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes-Leda Meredith

  • Title: Botany, Ballet and Dinner from Scratch: A Memoir with Recipes
  • Author: Leda Meredith
  • Released: 2008-07-15
  • Language:
  • Pages: 139
  • ISBN: 0981619851
  • ISBN13: 978-0981619859
  • ASIN: 0981619851


From the Publisher Leda Meredith and I met on an expedition to Brazil in 2006. She dazzled our group with her knowledge of rainforest trees and plants, and her ability to cook anything anywhere. Encouraged by our enthusiasm, she began writing her memoirs and pairing them with recipes on Ille Grande. This luscious island off the coast of Rio admits no cars, and as we walked up and down mountain paths to the beaches Leda spoke about "birthing" this book. At some point during those rigorous excursions I volunteered myself as its midwife.

From the Back Cover "What a delicious read! This book is such a beautiful blend of both familiar and unusual recipes, fascinating facts, and the poignant but impressive story of a multi-talented dancer's life. I loved it." -- Cynthia Gregory, Prima Ballerina "Leda're in for a delicious and fascinating ride." -- Ellen Zachos, author of Down and Dirty Gardening, Tempting Tropicals, and Orchid Growing for Wimps "Many people tout the benefits of eating locally. Leda Meredith lives them. Part memoir, part travelogue, part recipe book, Botany, Ballet, and Dinner from Scratch combines Meredith's passion for dance, foraging, gardening, cooking, and writing into an appetizing brew. The recipes and stories are to be savored, the garden and kitchen wisdom to be used." -- Jennie Schacht, author of Farmers' Market Desserts and co-author of Without Reservations and The Wine Lover's Dessert Cookbook "In this engaging memoir filled with mouth-watering recipes, Leda Meredith recounts a lifetime of urban foraging adventures. Begun in early childhood harvesting horta in San Francisco with her Greek great-grandmother, Meredith's foraging ways bring continuity and meaning to her life's twists and turns, as she repeatedly finds healing in food and her connections to it. This is a book sure to inspire readers to find pleasure in what is close at hand."

-- Sandor Ellix Katz, author of The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements (Chelsea Green, 2006) and Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-culture Foods (Chelsea Green, 2003)