Give Us This Day: A Daily Bible Study, Devotion, Meditation, and Prayer For the Whole New Testament - Vol. 1: Matthew-Charles Erlandson

  • Title: Give Us This Day: A Daily Bible Study, Devotion, Meditation, and Prayer For the Whole New Testament - Vol. 1: Matthew
  • Author: Charles Erlandson
  • Released: 2011-08-03
  • Language:
  • Pages: 316
  • ISBN: 0982819803
  • ISBN13: 978-0982819807
  • ASIN: 0982819803


Review Give Us This Day is lively, provocative, and engaging. With it, Charles Erlandson has given us all good inducement to dig deep into the Word of Life. Highly recommended. --George Grant, author of more than 50 books and pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN.

I and my wife have been using Fr. Charles Erlandson's Give Us This Day meditations for several years, and we do so with great delight and benefit. I especially look forward to the applications he always has because they are always so helpful in thinking about how to put God's Word into practice every day. --Bishop Daniel Morse Missionary Diocese of the Central States, the Reformed Episcopal Church

I use Give Us This Day as a daily meditation in conjunction with my prayer discipline using the Book of Common Prayer Order for Morning Prayer. I have found it to consistently glorify God, and spiritually substantive and edifying as part of my discipline. May God bless these meditations further for His glory and the good of His people. --Fr. DeWayne Adams, Ascension & St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Bridgeport, Texas

Many daily devotional books seem to have the goal of offering the reader a small slice of comfort to help him through the day. This one is different. Using Bible readings from the daily lectionary of the Book of Common Prayer, Fr. Charles Erlandson sets forth a daily sermon accompanied by prayers and reflections. The zeal, the intensity of faith, and the intelligence of these messages are contagious. Praying these prayers and reflecting deeply on God's Word in this way will give you more than a pious gush. They will equip you to go into the world as a soldier of Christ's Church Militant, fighting under the banner of the cross; and by God's grace flattening the gates of Hell, and discipling the nations. --The Rev. Paul S. Howden, Rector of Grace Reformed Episcopal Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania pdf