The Fire Inside: Firefighters Talk About Their Lives-

  • Title: The Fire Inside: Firefighters Talk About Their Lives
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  • Released: 2010-10-26
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  • Pages: 286
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  • ASIN: B0049B1VKO


While there's an abundance of television shows about police officers and more than a few about emergency medical folks, lesser attention is paid to fire fighters and their day-to-day dealings with disaster. But Steve Delsohn has found a wealth of material by interviewing scads of fire fighters across the country, from smoke jumpers flown in to fight forest fires to crews in action-filled urban departments. You learn the humorous lingo of fire fighting, where "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff" is paramount. You'll also relive more than a few gripping, emotional stories--the kind that might make good fodder for a drama series.

From Publishers Weekly Firefighters around the country, interviewed by Delsohn, coauthor of Out of Bounds, here present their stories in their own words. The author takes us through fire academies with the probationary firefighters as they are taught to attack fire aggressively. From there we see the "probies" learning the ropes, being hazed by the veterans and finally being allowed to hold the nozzle of the fire hose, the most important and hazardous job in putting out fires. We learn that firefighters frequently suffer from carbon monoxide headaches, that mentors are important, what it feels like to be "cooked" in a fire and survive, and that "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff" is crucial. Delsohn talked with firefighters in major cities and with "smoke jumpers," federal firefighters who battle forest fires. He also interviewed firefighters involved in recent national catastrophes such as Hurricane Andrew, the San Francisco earthquake and the Oklahoma City bombing. What emerges is an emotional portrait of uniquely dedicated public servants that will leave readers weeping?or laughing at their gallows humor.
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