The Social Worker and Psychotropic Medication: Toward Effective Collaboration with Clients, Families, and Providers-Kia J. Bentley, Joseph Walsh

  • Title: The Social Worker and Psychotropic Medication: Toward Effective Collaboration with Clients, Families, and Providers
  • Author: Kia J. Bentley, Joseph Walsh
  • Released: 2013-02-14
  • Language:
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 1285419006
  • ISBN13: 978-1285419008
  • ASIN: 1285419006


Review 1. The Larger Context of Psychopharmacology and Social Work. 2. Overview of Social Work Roles in Medication Management Across Settings. 3. Basic Psychopharmacology. 4. The Five Classes of Medication. 5. Intervention Concerns with Special Populations. 6. Referrals, Decision-Making, and the Meaning of Psychiatric Medication. 7. Medication Education for Clients and Families. 8. Medication Monitoring and Management. 9. Medication Adherence. 10. Future Directions in Psychopharmacology: Implications for Social Workers. Alphabetical Listing of Currently Available Prescriptions Described in This Book. Glossary.

About the Author Dr. Kia J. Bentley is a licensed clinical social worker, tenured professor, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she has taught since 1989. Her current teaching focuses on mental health and mental illness, psychopharmacotherapy and social work, clinical theory, and research. She is consulting editor for The Journal of Social Work Education and chapter member of the editorial board of Best Practices in Mental Health. In Virginia, she is the chair of the Human Rights Committee of Central State Hospital. She is the author of another Cengage Brooks/Cole text, SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IN MENTAL HEALTH: CONTEMPORARY ROLES, TASKS, AND TECHNIQUES AND PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION ISSUES FOR SOCIAL WORKERS, as well as COUNSELORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS (2003, HAWORTH).

Joseph Walsh received his MSW and his Ph.D. from Ohio State University. He is Associate Professor of Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University and teaches courses in generalist practice, clinical practice, research, and mental and emotional disorders. He has been a direct services practitioner in the field of mental health since 1974, first in a psychiatric hospital and later in community mental health center settings. Joe has provided services to older adult and general outpatient populations, but he specializes in services to people with serious mental illness and their families. He is the author of two other Brooks/Cole texts, CLINICAL CASE MANAGEMENT WITH PERSONS HAVING MENTAL ILLNESS and THEORIES FOR DIRECT SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE. pdf