Resisting the Place of Belonging-

  • Title: Resisting the Place of Belonging
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  • Released: 2013-02-28
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  • Pages: 214
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Review 'This richly evocative text investigates the strangeness at the heart of home through explorations in poetry, film contemporary art and popular culture. The spiritual challenges of dwelling in familiar, intimate and yet dangerous spaces are addressed with creative candour and academic rigour demonstrating our intense preoccupation with issues of security and identity. It is a compelling but unsettling read.' Heather Walton, University of Glasgow, UK'This is an impressively interdisciplinary volume that repositions our understanding of home. In a world where displacement seems to be the ruling sense for so many, even when "at home", the essays here set out important bearings - literary, philosophical, religious and cultural - in helping us negotiate any return home or, as may be more the case, reconstruct the place we once thought was home. To engage with these various discussions is to displace, significantly and uncannily, displacement itself.'Andrew Hass, University of Stirling, UK

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