You Abused Me - Detecting Sexual Abuse in Handwriting-

  • Title: You Abused Me - Detecting Sexual Abuse in Handwriting
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  • Released: 2011-10-20
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  • Pages: 57
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  • ASIN: B006Y3J0BC


Review As a high school behavioral therapist, I use this book frequently to seek information on my students. Every single time I have seen the indicators in this book, the student has verified that they were sexually abused. Most of these times, they have not told anyone about it and this helps me refer them to both internal and external sources for further support. I've thanked God many times for this book and do so every time I see one of my students getting long-needed help. - Julie A., a high school in California

About the Author As a 25+ year international forensic handwriting expert, the author's expertise has been used for training many agencies including law enforcement and behavioral health professionals. She has assisted with casework and expert testimony and has provided case commentaries to ABC, Court TV (TruTV), has helped the writers of "Criminal Minds" and is a writer for Law Enforcement Today. More information on author at pdf