T A G Sales Training-

  • Title: T A G Sales Training
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  • Released: 2013-03-06
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  • Pages: 91
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  • ASIN: B00BQLNL80


Award winning Real Estate Sales Training Trilogy.

You Get the entire T A G series which includes the complete sales training course. The Real Estate training was written for Real Estate Franchise Agents and Owners.
You get:

1.Time Management
2.Attitude Adjustment
3.Goal Setting 
Learn How to Make Your Life Work For You

If you'd like to:
• Make More Money
• Improve Realationships
• Take Control of Your Life
• Enjoy Peace of Mind

Then this might be the most important Ebook you'll ever purchase
Here's why:
• Our high powered Sales Training Ebooks are available for immediate download.
• You get an Atomic Blast of change as soon as you start
• The T A G Sales Training Ebook series will turn your life into a Powerhouse of Success

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say
Reason one: The T A G sales training ebook series was written for franchise sales training. Trainees paid thousands of dollars to take the training.  Why get these books?

Reason two: The author is a trainer, teacher, counselor and psychologist who has spent her enrire live studying and training others how to live successfully and joyously
Reason three: The author was a top producer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate in San Diego County CA. She has successfully owned and opertated her own business for Twenty-five plus years. She has trained hundreds of Brokers and agents on how to be successful in sales.
Here's A Summary of The Benefits

Teaches step by step how to manage your time - You immediately discover more time
Master time management- Have more time then you ever imagined possible
Learn to write realistic achievable goals - Reach your goals. Your life is a succes
Adjust your attititude - You'll burst with confidence
Combine all the sales trainings to explode your life experience - You'll make more money, have better relationships and enjoy peace of mind
Detailed step by step tips on managing time, reaching your goals, and attitude adjustment - You'll become a dynamite saleperson, a better partner and a happier person pdf