Seven Trends That Will Transform Local Government Through Technology-

  • Title: Seven Trends That Will Transform Local Government Through Technology
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  • Released: 2013-01-21
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  • Pages: 172
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About the Author Dr. Alan R. Shark serves as the executive director/CEO of the Public Technology Institute (PTI), headquartered in the Greater Washington, DC area. As part of a special strategic partnership between PTI and Rutgers University’s School of Public Affairs and Administration, Dr. Shark serves as assistant professor for public affairs and administration. Among the many areas of responsibility, he teaches a masters level course: Technology and Public Administration. His career has spanned over 29 years as a highly recognized leader in both the nonprofit management and technology fields, with an emphasis on technology applications for business and government. Prior to coming to PTI Dr. Shark served as president and CEO of the American Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) and was founder and president of the International Mobile Telecommunications Association. Before that, Dr. Shark also served as the associate executive director and publisher for the Water Environment Federation. As an author, speaker and lecturer on technology developments and applications for most of his distinguished career, Dr. Shark’s experience both balances and embraces the business, government, education and technology sectors. His most recent books are eHealth-A Global Perspective; CIO Leadership for Cities & Counties: Emerging Trends & Practices; Beyond e-Government & e-Democracy: A Global Perspective, Beyond eGovernment – Measuring Performance, and CIO Leadership for State Governments. More recently, Dr. Shark has co-authored Web 2.0 Civic Engagement, and authored The Seven Trends that will Transform Local Government Through Technology. pdf