Livin' Lean NOT Large - Live Lean To Save Your Green-

  • Title: Livin' Lean NOT Large - Live Lean To Save Your Green
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  • Released: 2008-10-20
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Livin' Lean NOT Large


Living Lean, Green, and Mean to save your finances

Get out of debt
Recession Proof your Life

The economy has turned into survival of the fittest and that means livin' lean, mean, and green. The days of spending, charging, shopping, and dining are gone. Today and everyday, you must be cheap, buy less, down grade, minimize, and reuse. The days of livin' large are a thing of the past.

The luxurious lifestyle of buy now and pay later has emptied our credit accounts and bank accounts. In today's society, we are all strapped for cash and have no credit. We have exhausted our credit and ran out of cash paying on school loans, personal loans, car loans, home loans, and credit cards. We have no choice but to change our ways or face foreclosure, eviction, repossession, and bankruptcy. The days of livin' large are long gone.

Livin' within our means and lowering our standards is a definite "TO DO" that must be added to our list of priorities. Start taking baby steps now and change from a negative credit crisis to a positive cash flow. Take the steps one by one that will lead to less stress and less debt. We need every trick in the book to stay in the game to stop from going under.

We have to take drastic measures for desperate times.

Learn to:
Be Cheap
Save a buck
Down Grade
Use Cash or Money Orders
Stop using your checkbook, ATM, credit, and debit cards

Making changes is a must that has to take place A.S.A.P. if you are to survive in this economy.

From now on,
Make Your Own Coffee
Make Your Own Tea
Pack Your Own Lunch
Pack Your Own Snacks
Pack Your Own Dinner
Shop At The $1 Dollar or Less Store
Shop for Clearances and Discounts only
Shop Less
Pay Less
Buy Less
Spend Less
Pay Bills First and Shop second
Use cash and money orders
Stop using ATM and debit cards
Stop writing checks

by Debra Johnson ©2008
ISBN 1440441626
All rights reserved