Children with Autism: A Developmental Perspective (The Developing Child)-Marian Sigman, Lisa Capps

  • Title: Children with Autism: A Developmental Perspective (The Developing Child)
  • Author: Marian Sigman, Lisa Capps
  • Released: 1997-05-20
  • Language:
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 0674053141
  • ISBN13: 978-0674053144
  • ASIN: 0674053141


Review Sigman and Capps have produced an excellent book...the structure of [which] is very clear...By contrasting the development of children with autism with the development of other children, the significance of the core deficits in autism is revealed. Accounts of the relevant theoretical and empirical work are up to date and the use of clinical vignettes really helps to bring the text to life...The authors' wealth of experience of people with autism, together with real empathy for people with social impairments, is apparent throughout...For the undergraduate or person with limited experience of autism, Children with Autism provides a very interesting account of what autism is. However, I would also...urge my colleagues who work as clinical or educational practitioners with children who have developmental disorders to read this book. Those of us who are continually submerged in the histories and observations of children who develop atypically are at risk of losing the wider developmental perspective, which this book provides for us very eloquently.
--Sarah Lister Brook (The Psychologist [UK] )

Strongly recommended. [This book] provides very clear (and yet not over-simplified), up-to-date and non-dogmatic coverage of theories and research concerning this important and interesting topic. It is also useful as a general introduction to the principles of developmental psychopathology: for example, clarifying the crucial and often confusing distinction between core deficits and causes...An invaluable addition to academic and clinical psychology department libraries.
--Ann Dowker (BPS Developmental Psychology Section Newsletter [UK] )

What a pleasure to read a clearly organized book on autism, that delivers what it promises! The title leads the readers to expect a developmental perspective, and the authors choose this eminently sensible approach, reviewing the evidence in terms of what we would expect normally developing infants, children, adolescents, and adults to be doing, and what we find people with autism doing at each of these developmental levels. Equally welcome is the way in which autism is discussed in terms of IQ. In this way, the authors steer well clear of the trap that a simple and static picture can be drawn of autism...The book moves effortlessly from psychological to biological studies, and it reviews what is known and contains illustrative case vignettes to help contextualize these studies...[This book] is a valuable addition to the literature.
--Simon Baron-Cohen (British Journal of Developmental Psychology )

About the Author Marian Sigman is Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Lisa Capps was Assistant Professor of Psychology at Berkeley. pdf