Financial Fair Prejudice-

  • Title: Financial Fair Prejudice
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  • Released: 2013-03-07
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Football has never witnessed a period of larger revenues before in its entire history, yet at the same time, it has never had so many clubs losing money and struggling to survive.

To safeguard the future of the beautiful game UEFA has introduced Financial Fair play. A system that in theory will prevent clubs spending more cash than they generate in the pursuit of short-term success.

Whilst no one will argue the long term survival of every club is paramount this short essay explores the problems FFP could give birth to, for example, the fear that a big club status quo will emerge. The clubs currently at the top of the pile will remain so, unchallenged, as ambitious owners find their hands tied. It also highlights flaws in the system FFP proposes and questions the ethical reasoning behind UEFA’s plans and its own hypocrisy. pdf